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Welcome to the 1st Non-Laser hair & Facial Treatment One & Only SHR Non-Laser Painless Fastest Results Guarantee. AM Skin Factories is the first company outside Japan with these Japanese super hair removal technology!

AM Skin Factories

The Latest Japanese Technology


AM Skin Factories continues to find, create and provide the best products & services to cater to your needs & concerns. Such as Japanese Super Hair Removal Technology. Japan is a pioneer in SHR Technology: after the discovery of a mechanism for stem cells to produce hair as part of the treatment of alopecia around year 2000, This mechanism was used and developed into SHR technology. We, AM Skin Factories, were the 1st company to introduce this technology to Malaysia and South East Asia.

The Traditional method such as IPL and Laser, which can only approach hairs that are currently growing, But Japanese SHR Technology can also approach latent hair follicles that have not yet grown, which means that hair removal can be completed over a wider area, faster and in a shorter period of time.

Japanese SHR mechanism is approaches the bulge area which provide the nutrition to the hair follicles. By stopping the nutritional supply of the hair follicles, the hair stops growing.

For the customer AM Skin Factories was born out of a desire to bring the wonderful Japanese SHR technology to South East Asia.